Balance is Beauty - Basic and Dance

  • Ergonomic skates adjusted to your body size, in length, high and radie
  • Nordic ski system with boot and binding from SNS and NNN
  • in Balance - for Basic and Dance on skates  

"Basic in Balance" for basic skating tecnic for Speed.

in Balance for learn and practise Basic skating tecnic from outside to inside of the blade (like rolling S-shape) with 6 and 12 m radius.
R6   - with radius   6 m for learn and dance on skates
R12 - with radius  12-16 m for practise and learn S-shape befor speed skates

"Dance in Balance", with Siljan for Beauty Dance ...
developed and made for
KNSB  Schoonrijden in Nederlands, 2006

NL - Oud-schaatser Ard Schenk werd ongeveer een jaar geleden ambassadeur van het schoonrijden.

Modern Dutch Rolling Skates with Nordic binding for rolling S-shape
See "the virtual ice Skates Museum" for more information about Dutch Rolling, Tour and Speed skates


Siljan Basic - SML, 36, 39 and 42

Binding XC, NNN Dino and Touring man/auto

Binding XC, SNS Classic Skate




Basic - Balance and Dance
XC man/auto (step in)

... adjusted for Basic skating with soft boot

  • Front shape shorter 
  • Height lower
  • Length shorter
  • Radius 6 or 12 m
  • Binding near the front 
  • elastic with hook for fixed heel

Photo Krister Larsson, Mora