Siljan Skate

Nordic Skates for the Active family !

With Siljan Skate - Nordic System Technology

  • chose model and shoe for type of skating
  • chose length and shoe for your size
  • chose binding and mont ...

Just Skate > Active and ergonomic !

Nordic Skates, a System of skates, binding and shoes

Skating - Active or Marathon ...

Active BC, with BC Shoes for non slippery walk on ice 
Active XC, with XC Combi shoes for ski classic or skating
Marathon Race XC   on natural ice with XC Skate shoes
Marathon Speed XC on track with XC Skate shoes
for stability in curve and when you skate in low possition.


Siljan Nordic Function

Marathon SNS-XC Skate

Active SNS-XC Combi

Active NNN-BC Classic

Siljan Ergonomic

Active fit XC / BC binding