Siljan System

 Nordic Skates for the active family !
Function with Ergonomics !

  • Function - model lines for marathon and active skating
  • Nordic  - mount al Nordic binding for XC / BC system from SNS and NNN
  • Ergonomic - fit your body size, in length, height and radius 

Siljan Skate is Ergonomic in size - to fit ...

  • Junior    - extra down sized - short and low for the beginner with less radie
  • Women - down sized - short for safety and low for less stress on wrist
  • Uni sex - medium sized
  • Men      - upp sized - for wider fett in curve and snow on ice

Siljan Ergonomic

Active fit XC / BC binding 


Ergonomic - dimensions adjusted to your foot and body size in ...

  • length to the foot 
  • height to the foot width and strength 
  • radius to the leg length 



Background - Ergonomic

Siljan was 2003 also curious to se if it is was possiblie to
make an ergonomic skate for women, Junior and kids but also for Men !
By use the Siljan original skate and use some teories
how dimension should bee skaled upp and down to fit the boddy geometric.
Even that was a success for Women, Junior and Kids with short and low skates