Siljan Active - XC / BC   - Årets Produkt 2012 - Utemagasinet

Tack Utemagasinet och test teamet för den fina Utmärkelsen! / Siljan Skate, Jan och Monica 

  • Ergonomic skates for your body size, in length, height and radius
  • Nordic XC/BC with boot and binding from ski system SNS and NNN
  • Active for skating outdoor and indoor, with XC Cross- and BC Back Country

Siljan Active 2013 with New design

"New NNN-BC" design for 
optimal binding possition and skate technique
=> NNN-BC Automatic, from 39 cm for smal Women and Junior BC-skaters
=> NNN-BC Manual, binding in best possition with opptimal skate technique

 "New Height" => +3 mm heght for shorter BC Skates
Siljan new BC design makes it possible mith shorter skate for same foot Size

Siljan Active 2013 in Red and (
Blue 2012)       Ergonomic for the Active family => optimal for ...

Foot size EUR  <36     <39   <42    <45   <48    < upp to EUR foot size = max. skate  length in cm 
Length     cm      36       39      42      45      48  
 foot length
Height      mm    33       36      39      42      45  
foot width and strength in vrist and for overstepp
Radius      m       18       23      25      27      30   leg length
Dimension for Active ergonomic skating => with good technique and comfort in Skating

Active XC   Junior 36, 39
Active XC   Senior 42, 45, 48
Active BC   Senior 42, 45, 48, (51) 

Recommended Siljan Skate length in cm for
XC  =
  upp to foot Size in EUR           (recreation skating with XC combi/skate shoes)
BC  =  upp to foot Size in EUR +3cm  (tour skating with 3+cm longer skate for ruff ice)


Siljan Active XC

SNS- XC Profil + Salomon  
Pro Combi 
Combi Junior 



Siljan Active BC

NNN-BC Manual 




Siljan Active

Designed for active Nordic family on Skates

Front shape with elips for natural ice

Skaled for size in ...  

  • Length 
  • Height 
  • Radius









Photo Siljan Skate