Siljan Balance - is Beauty

  • Ergonomic skates adjusted to your body size, in length, high and radie
  • Nordic ski system with boot and binding from SNS and NNN
  • Balance skates for Tecnic and Dance on ice  

Siljan Active - "in Balance" - with less radius - For learn and practise Nordic skating ... 
... with Dutch Rolling S-shape tecnic from outside to inside of the skate blade. 
for Dance and fun on ice - is Beauty 

Balance    R18 m - with radius 18 m for Balance - in Nordic Skating !
Basic         R12 m - with radius 12 m for Basic tecnic -  Fun on ice-rink for family, 8-80 year !Beauty     R  6 m - with radius   6 m for Dance and KNSB Schoon-rijden

The befor topp skater Ard Schenk from NL / Holland promote ...
Schoon-rijden on Siljan KNSB Beauty =>  How to skate Beauty and with the basic best tecnic

Modern Dutch Rolling Skates with Nordic binding for Skating with Cultur Clothes
Traditional on the kanal 2 and 2 and in groups for wissit friends
now for show-up and in competition indoor and utdoor.

Siljan KNSB Beauty developed by Siljan Skate and Almgren NL in 2006
=> for KNSB - Nederlands Skating Bond , and Clubs for Schoonrijden
=> to make the Schoonrijden more popular for young Dutch
used on the KNSB 125 year sellebrity vinter 2006/2007

See "the virtual ice Skates Museum" for more information about Dutch Rolling, Tour and Speed skates


Siljan KNSB Beauty - SML, 36, 39 and 42
Red, Blue or Black for Beauty Skating

Binding SNS-XC, Classic Skate

Binding NNN-XC, Dino and Touring man/auto




Beauty - for Balance and Dance
XC man/auto (step in) ...

... adjusted for Basic skating with soft boot

  • Front shape shorter 
  • Height lower
  • Length shorter
  • Radius 6 or 12 m
  • Binding near the front 
  • elastic with hook for fixed heel
Photo Krister Larsson, Mora