Siljan System

 Nordic Skates for the Active family !
Function with Ergonomics !

SNordic Skates is a System of skates, binding and shoes

It is important to shoice the rigth system of Siljan skate, binding and shoes for the users
depending on type of skating - Active or Marathon ...
Active BC                  on natural ice with BC Shoes for non slippery walk on ice 
Active XC                  on plowed track with XC Combi shoes for ski classic and skating
Marathon Race XC    on plowed track with XC Skate shoes
- Marathon Speed XC  on plowed track and 400m oval with XC skate shoes for stability 
in curve and when you skate in low possition.


Siljan Nordic Function

Marathon SNS-XC Skate

Active SNS-XC Combi

Active NNN-BC Classic

Siljan Ergonomic

Active fit XC / BC binding 


Function - for skating  ...

... adjusted for ...

  • different ice condition
  • 400m or/and natual ice

... in the skate dimension...

  • front shape
  • length 
  • height
  • radius

Nordic for type off
Ski System ... 

  • XC - Cross Country
  • BC - Back Country

... binding and shoes 

  • SNS Salomon, etc
  • NNN Rottefella, etc

Ergonomic - dimensions for your body size in ...

  • length to the foot 
  • height to the foot width and strength 
  • radius to the leg length 




Siljan Skate have recommendation about whitch type of binding and shoes to use -
for different type of skating - functions and ice conditions !
More to consider is the individual users, experience, teknik, body size and ergonomic need of stability !

Tour - Active BC

Outdoor on tour with Back-Pack and need to take skates of and Walk in our outside the ice
- it is good to use BC Back Country Boat with NON SLIPPERY sole. Often with ruff Is and Snow  skates needs more oppgrinding and hight on the skates.

Outdoor on tour Siljan recommend Active with BC system and
go upp one length - upp sized in Siljan scale dimension - in skates
compare with recreation skate on plowed track - which means a skate ...

3 cm longer - to take the ruff ice better and make it
possible to put the BC binding in a possition more in the back for traditional tour tecnic
3 mm higher and more uppgrinding - to take more snow and ruffer ice condition
we also here recommend a boat whit good wrist torsion suspention
2-3 meter higher radius against ice - for more stable skating outdoor and tour tecnic

Recreation - Active XC

Comes here

Marathon - Race and Speed XC

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