Siljan Active - XC / BC    

  • Ergonomic skates for your body size, in length, height and radius
  • Nordic XC/BC with boot and binding from ski system SNS and NNN
  • Active for skating outdoor and indoor, with XC Cross- and BC Back Country

Ergonomic for the Active family => optimal for ...

Foot size in  EUR  = ca. max length in cm 
Length    in  cm    to foot length
Height     in  mm   to foot width and strength in vrist and for overstepp
Radius    in  m      to leg length
Dimension for Active ergonomic skating => with good technique and comfort in Skating

Active Junior 36, 39
Active Senior 42, 45, 48

Recommended Siljan Skate length in cm for
XC  =
  upp to foot Size in EUR           (recreation skating with XC combi/skate shoes)
BC  =  upp to foot Size in EUR +3cm  (tour skating with 3+cm longer skate for ruff ice)

"New NNN-BC" design
=> NNN-BC Automatic, from 39 cm for smal Women and Junior BC-skaters
=> NNN-BC Manual, binding now in RIGHT possition for BEST skate technique


Siljan Active XC

SNS- XC Profil + Salomon  
Pro Combi 
Combi Junior 



Siljan Active BC

NNN-BC Manual 




Siljan Active

Designed for active Nordic family on Skates

Front shape with elips for natural ice

Skaled for size in ...  

  • Length 
  • Height 
  • Radius










Photo Siljan Skate