Siljan System

 Nordic Skates for the active family !
Function with Ergonomics !

Siljan Skate fits al Nordic Ski System - with XC / BC binding from SNS and NNN 

Nordic Ice Skates - Background

Nordic Ski System consist of shoes + binding + ski or some other sport equipment to mount binding on. When the Clapp system became poppular on Speed skate some developer saw the possibility to use the Nordic ski binding on Skates and the Nordic Ice Skates was invented

Nordic Ski System

Nordic ski market have 2 Brand that are not compatible with eath other.

  • SNS - Salomon and Atomic are produced under/in the Amer Group
  • NNN - Rottefella with patent and production över licens for several Nordic producer of shoes and use of bindings on skis.

Each Brand have 2 main type of Nordic Ski System that are not compatible with eath other.

  • XC Cross Contry - for classic and skating where Salomon have 2 models of bindings 
    1 and 2 pin system for fixing the shoes on skis.
  • BC Back Contry - for tour ski with binding and shoes that is it possible to walk in On ice. 

So there are  2*2 main types of Nordic Ski System.


Siljan original - Active family
without binding - fit Nordic




Prepared for
Nordic ski System 
binding and shoes -


  • SNS Salomon, Atomic
  • NNN Rottefella, etc


  • XC - Cross Country
  • BC - Back Country

Function - for skating ...


Nordic Ski System - On - Siljan Skate

One of Siljan Skates developing goal in 2003 was to make it poosible to mont al binding in the market - NNN and SNN with XC and BC ! 
Make it possible for the costumer in the shop - to choose ...
- type of shoes for function in use - BC or XC - for tour / recreation / race / speed 
- shoe brand/model that fitt the foot - NNN or SNS
...  than the shop should have the possibility to mont the appropriate binding on the skates - it should always bee possible and ...

Siljan solved it with a new hole picture also fitted for BC.