Siljan System

 Nordic Skates for the active family !
Function with Ergonomics !

  • Function - model lines for marathon and active skating
  • Nordic  - mount al Nordic binding for XC / BC system from SNS and NNN
  • Ergonomic - fit your body size, in length, height and radius 

Siljan Funktion

The Nordic Skates can be used for different type of skating / funktion from the Basic technique skates for god balance over Active recreation and tour skates to Marathon Race and Speed skates.

Every type of skating have its own nedd to bee best i practise - for the user. Because of that Siljan have developed several types of skates with unice funktion in dimension and front Shape and we use Siljan Center to make it possible to try out the right Siljan Nordic Skate befor buy.

Active "family"  - for the active Nordic family on ski and - skating Recreation and Tour
Marathon Race   - for training and race on natural ice
Marathon Speed
- for speedskaters on ice

KNSB Beauty       - Schoonraiden (for Balance r=6m) - produced for KNSB 125 year sellebrity 
The basic historic skate used in Holland for skating on the dutch kanals 
Short, low and less radius for practice and learn "the rigth way to skate" 
Often used "hand by hand" with the best culture cloets for wissit near and dear friends 


Siljan Function

Marathon XC SNS / NNN

Active XC


Active BC


Function - for the type of 
skating (Siljan model) ...

... adjusted for ...

  • different ice condition
  • 400m or/and natual ice

... in the skate dimension...

  • front shape
  • length 
  • height
  • radius

Background - Siljan Function  

The Background of Siljan Skate is my own experience around 2002 with
- to long uppgrinding under the foot with to less is-contact in the front of the skate to pusch
- to long skates to take the legg back without rise the boddy
- how should Women and Junior know to skate on this ? - impossible !

That was the beginning of Siljan Skate developing - how is it posible to make a skate short for god skating technic but also good to take the ruffness on natural ice ?

Siljan solved it with a smoot shape in the front that made the
- Siljan Skate - shorter in the front whit more ice contact ! 

Siljans intension was also to developp one skate for rekreation and tour by ... 
- Siljan made Active with dimension in the middle betwen speed and tour skates -
... it was a sucess and made Siljan possible for skating 
- both traditional Nordic tour and speed tecnic in one skate
- with XC or BC type of Nordic System - shoes and binding
-  Just skate - Your style !

Photo Siljan Skate