Vikingarännet 2012 - SVE / ENG

Vikingarännet / Uppsala - Stockholm, 80 km
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Congratulations Eva och Karolin on - Siljan Marathon + Salomon SNS Pilot  

Vikingarännet - Race Woman - Resultat 2012
1 Eva Lagrange Storvreta Sverige Gimonäs Cykelklubb                          03:28:52
2 Karolin Palmertz Cerne Sverige Stockholm Speed skaters Inlines o SK  03:28:56
3 Daniëlle Bekkering       Holland                                                        03:31:50 

With only around 10 men befor them - al 3 Women made a huge performance !

This year of Vikingaränn Race for Women hade nice visit by one of the best NL / Holland skaters Danielle Bekkering 
- But the Swedish Lady are real Viking on Siljan - the Swedish Viking !

Eva and Karolin cooperat djuring the Race as  concluded against the finnish when "Danielle dissapeard" and Eva pass the goal first whit Karolin soon after !

Karolin have participate in the most Vikingaränn after 2000 - always in topp - still going strong ! 

Eva Lagrange, from Storvreta outside Uppsala, student in Umeå have made big advancement on skate track during the last year with several personal records on track. If she will continue this way Eva will bee one of the best swedich Woman as Senior - also on track !

Eva is the oldes of 4 sisters in the skating familly Lagrange from Storvreta and the hole family participate in this year Vikingarännet - likely al on Siljan !


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